Colonic Risks

How safe is the process?
The water pressure of a colon hydrotherapy session is so gentle, that it is less than a store bought fleet enema. The water pressure will not perforate your colon wall. Warm water is comfortable and filtered to prevent any bacteria from entering.

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Are colonics habit forming?
Physically a colonic is a tool intended to be used to create a clean and healthy colon. A colon therapist who is dedicated to your health, will encourage you to set a goal of having a well-functioning colon. Our fulfillment comes from assisting you in healing your colon, not in making you dependent upon colonics. Actually, one of its features is that a colonic can be used to tonify the colon muscle so that the colon doesn’t perform so sluggishly. Many people have sluggish colons. It may take days for bowel movements to return after a good colonic. This is when people think they are becoming “dependent” on colonics. One good colonic is worth 8 or so regular bowel movements, so it may take some time for fecal material to build up in the colon once again if one has a sluggish colon. When the colon is sluggish and bowel movements do not return for a few days after one colonic, it is an indication that extensive colon work is needed to remove the debris that the bowel has built up over the years. This build up of faecal material has decreased the muscular action in the colon.

Once a series of colonics is completed , the colon will begin to function like Mother Nature intended. Colonics give you a feeling of being lighter, cleaner and healthier with a sense of well-being. Cleansing and building programs offer preventative measures so that you can be in control of your own health. Dietary changes may be necessary to ensure long lasting and vital health.

Mentally however, for those with eating disorders, or severe constipation issues it can be used as a crutch or used for weight control. Just as someone may use laxatives chronically for the perceived weight control it will give you, so can that person take the same habit forming ideas and apply them to colon hydrotherapy.  Therapists are responsible for assuring clients are not using clients due to an attachment or crutch. The intent of colonics is cleansing and bowel regulation.

Are colonics dangerous in any way?
The dangers of colonics come when clients are seen if they have a contraindication. Being an essentially natural process, there is virtually no danger with a colonic or the colonic process itself. You must disclose all pertinent medical history to your therapist to rule out contraindications. Our intent is to provide a safe and healthy service so that you do not have to worry. Cleaning and sterilization of the necessary equipment is done as normal procedure and clean linen is used for each colonic as well.

If you or someone you know has had an awkward or embarrassing colonic experience in the past, please don’t let it deter you altogether. There are a variety of systems of colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy, and it’s worth it to find the system, and the therapist, that you can be comfortable with!

The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) advocates the highest standards of education and professional conduct to assure properly administered colon hydrotherapy. Today, colon hydro-therapists are thoroughly-trained professionals, who must pass rigorous testing and adhere to strict guidelines established by I-ACT.