Colonics – Colon Hydro-Therapy

Colonics – Colon Hydro-Therapy

One quick story

I became aware of the colon hydrotherapy two years before I tried it (the idea freaked me out too at the time). The process of colonics seemed scary and awkward, yet the idea seemed intuitive. I was severely impacted and had years of digestion issues. I’ve tried everything and each would work for a short period of time and then I would go back to weeks without movements. In 2006 when I moved to Nashville for a corporate gig, I  decided it was time to deal with my constipation issues. My fear being of corse that I would poop all over the place and have to move back to phoenix where no one would know.  Accepting that idea I called a few times (for a few weeks) and spoke with the owner.

Finally I asked the questions I was in need of, does it hurt and how fast can you run if I start pooping everywhere? I finally got the courage to do the session and I’ve never looked back.

Knowing for years I had alot more going “in” than was coming “out” and I was a size 18 to prove it. I started receiving sessions, and after seven sessions, she started to see just the tip of the iceberg revealing itself. I had lost weigh already, but more importantly I was eliminating. When you go periods of time without, its so exciting! There was no pain, no strain involved and I felt euphoric after.

I spent the next 3 months detoxing, cleansing and learning more about how her body worked (I had no idea). I lost weight 30 pounds in the first 3 months. I hadn’t changed my diet, I wasn’t exercising and I was still eating plenty of taco bell. It was all poop! (or I believe it to me).  Most importantly I felt incredible.  I was happier person.

After the 3rd month, I continued to do sessions and my diet began to change. My energy levels also burst.  I then began loosing weight even faster. About this time I had many emotional issues of the past I hadn’t dealt with. I began to see a hypnotherapist for smoking, which lead into events of the past that I need to work through.  I hadn’t realized that they were still with. I remember several times on the table having big releases and smelling, sensing and feeling events that I hadn’t remembered before.

I knew I wanted to help others as well. My therapist allowed me to help her with some of her business tasks in exchange for continued colonics. After a few more months I went to became certified and lived happily ever after.