Colon Hydro-Therapist Training

Colon Hydro-Therapist Training

I-ACT is an international organization that is currently heading up the regulation of colonics.  I-ACT has approved facilities that are able to train new colon hydro-therapists.  There currently are 4 levels starting at foundations which enables you to practice, to instructor which enables you to teach new students. To train other therapists you must be certified by I-ACT at the Instructor Level.

Here are the levels and the requirements for passing.

Foundation Level

  • Must have a high school diploma/GED, or equivalent (prior to entering training)
  • Must have postsecondary education level/college level A&P (equivalent to 3 semester hours of college) (before certification)
  • Must have a current CPR card (before certification)
  • Recommendation – each new student should have received 1 – 3 colonics prior to entering training
  • Provide proof (by transcript) of completing the 100 hours of training. The 100 hours of training must be done in the physical presence of the Instructor at the location of the school or “brick and mortar” training facility used by the school or instructor. Distance learning of any type may not be used in fulfilling the 100 hour requirement for I-ACT training. The 100 hour course may not be completed any faster than 10 days at the school or brick and mortar facility of the Instructor/School; or,
  • Must do a 15 minute presentation on colon hydrotherapy during class.
  • Must pay for ($75.00 exam fee), take and pass an I-ACT Level 1 written exam.
  • submit progress notes for clients during mentoring sessions 100


  • Individual must be certified at foundations level for 6 months prior to Intermediate training.
  • Licensed Medical Healthcare providers can take the exam if they can show proof they have received at least 500 hours of in classroom training, or have two years working on the public under the scope of practice.
  • Document a video journey with your client and you teach them how they may assist themselves during a session.
  • Read an essay of 3000 words in personal experience.
  • Demonstrate the expertise you have developed as a Colon Hydrotherapy.
  • Take and pass the I-ACT Intermediate Level 2 Exam.


  • Must be certified at the Intermediate Level for at least 1 year, and must be a full member of I-ACT
  • Licensed Medical Healthcare providers can take the Level 3 exam upon showing proof they have received at least 1000 hours of in classroom training, or have three years of experience working on the public under the scope of practice of their license.
  • Take and pass the I-ACT Advanced Level 3. Exam.


  • Attend 60 hour instructor training course put on by an I-ACT School or I-ACT Instructor.
  • Demonstrate 3 hours of teaching on Foundation or Intermediate Level Anatomy & Physiology during a recognized I-ACT Instructor Course.
  • Demonstrate one hour of teaching at an I-ACT Convention.
  • Submit outline of teaching and complete presentation to the I-ACT office.
  • Write a test of 50 questions on Colon Hydrotherapy Anatomy & Physiology
  • Must be NBCHT Certified
  • Sign the Instructor Oath.

Colon Hydro-Therapist Training