Colon Hydro-Therapists

About Colon Hydro-Therapists

Ask a therapist how they got into this chosen career and most will respond with, “it changed my life”. Most colon hydro-therapists choose this career because they want to help others, and with this technique the impact can be quite enlightening for a client.

Being a colon hydro-therapist, I can tell you the job is interesting, stimulating, and very rewarding.  Basically, we get to help people.  At our facility we use a closed system, there is no odor or mess. So really the majority of the time is working the system and talking with clients. We get to know and love our clients. We get to see them consistently, catching up between cleanses and talking through what can assist them in achieving their health goals.  When you help someone, help themselves not only is it rewarding but you’ve met a friend for life.

To be a colon hydro-therapist, the person has to first be interested in the therapy.  We have to be interested in our clients. Colon Hydrotherapists should be nurturing, caring, observant and know how to keep boundaries as well.  There are not a ton of colon hydro-therapists out there, but we do get a chance to meet every once in a while at I-ACT conventions or when we travel (generally we like to scope out other facilities too).  When we do its great to meet therapists who are like minded.  Colon hydro-therapy is not a career you get into for the money, fame or fortune. Colon Hydro-therapy is something you get into because you believe it in and you stay doing colonics because you fall in love with the people.

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