Food Combining

Food Combining

Ever wonder why after typical SAD meals we experience bloating, gassy, dehydrated or tired feelings? One reason is the standard meal ignores pretty much every rule of food combining. Food combining is about eating our foods in a way that our body can most efficiently digest and assimilate it. Food combining factors in the enzymes it takes to digest food, the digestion time, which if done more efficiently can add to our health, strength and usefulness. Remember, food is fuel.

Digestive enzymes have careful timing of their secretions and combinations of foods put together make it nearly impossible for digestive enzymes to break down efficiently the volume and variety of foods we eat in one sitting. With out efficient break down, the material will be able to putrefies through the digestive system. A stomach that is reeking with decomposition is not able to supply to the body the “calories” and “vitamins” originally contained in the food eaten.

Here is a great interview on food combining with Dr. Mercola

Here’s a quick reference guide

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