Colonic in Preparation for colonoscopy

Colonic in Preparation for a colonoscopy.

t is well-documented that colonoscopies can help save lives. Therefore, it is important to get your colonoscopies when recommended by your doctor. Prior to the procedure the colon needs to be cleansed of waste in order for the doctor to get a clear view of your colon. There are typically two ways of performing this cleanse: a) Chemical laxatives; b) Colon Hydrotherapy aka Colonics.

Unfortunately, many report that the chemical laxative pre-cleanse is very unpleasant and sometimes painful. Some people experience: cramping, burning at the rectum area, and it can be highly inconvenient as it often requires keeping very close to a bathroom for as long as a full day.

Fortunately, Colon Hydrotherapy may offer a drug-free alternative to the cleanse by using warm filtered water to flush the colon of waste. This allows for little to no cramping, no burning at the rectum, and allows you to go about your normal activities afterwards. Important! Colon Hydrotherapy is not appropriate for everyone, nor for every colonoscopy pre-cleanse procedure, therefore you need talk to your doctor first to obtain their approval prior to each colonoscopy.

Click here, for a 2006 American College of Gastroenterology 2006in which compared three preps for colonoscopy:  The quality of colon cleansing, overall tolerance, comfort, and convenience were significantly better for colon hydrotherapy.
Click Here for a 2006 white paper completed by Barton Memorial Hospital patients who could not tolerate the high-volume preps. Several choose to have their colonoscopy at BMH because of this offer and of these patients did, in fact, have pre-cancerous polyps at the time of their follow-up colonoscopy with the colon HydroPrep that otherwise would not have been seen.

Click here, for a 2011 Danbury Hosptial patient satisfaction survey. colon hydrotherapy causes a shift in serum electrolytes before versus after a colonic. Eight electrolytes – sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, blood urine nitrogen, creatinine, glucos and calcium – were analyzed in the lab.  No significant change in electrolytes were observed.

Click here, for a youtube a clip from colonics the movie about using colonics for colonoscopy prep

Click here, for a youtube trailer on a new movie on colonics showing interviews with clients, colon hydrotherapists and doctors.

This company is dedicated to training in medical facilities so that colon hydrotherapy is considered the go-to for preparation for colonoscopies/.